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On this page we will feature photos sent in by visitors to our website. To find out how to submit a photo of your car, e-mail us below!

David Fleischer, in Utah sent these photos of his Citation 4 door hardtop. He says, "I bought it from the original owner in 1980 and it is in pristine original condition. I even have the original invoice, warranty, and promo model car that came with the car. The car is equipped with a dealer installed spotlight/mirror.It has clear plastic seat covers since new and still smells like a new car inside. It is a most regal and stately vehicle."

That's David's wife, Gina, posing with the car at a recent car show.

Here's a clever shot of the car along with the Road Legends 1:18 scale model, which it resembles!

David Fleischer also submitted this photo of his other Edsel. "It's a Corsair 4 door - rosewood w/pink. This picture was taken in 1985 when I bought the car. It had 56,000 one owner miles at the time. It now has 79,000 miles & it has been one of the most trouble-free cars I've owned. I drove it while I was in college, mostly & still drive it about 1,000 miles a year. You can tell from the photo that I'm in love with the car. 14 years later, I'm still in love with it, but I really prefer driving Rangers and Pacers."

Bob Bergman of Tacoma, WA is the owner of this 1958 Roundup. This is an old photo made by the original owner and dated Sep 61. Bob bought the car from the original owner, who had purchased the car in May 1958 from Titus Edsel Sales in Tacoma. The Roundup is Jonquil yellow and black and carries the serial number W8RS701522. By the way, the Roundup is the only 2 Door Station wagon ever built by Edsel.

From England, Alison & Paul Organ send this photo of their 1959 Ranger. In the photo, the car was being used in a wedding, with the proceeds going to a children's charity. Alison says, "I have wanted this car since I was 17 years old. My husband bought it for me for Christmas 1997. We purchased it thru the Hemmings News and it was transported from Arizona to California and shipped in a container with three MG's on top of it. When we went to collect it, the Edsel was the only "runner" in the container. I know it's only a 6 cyl. "Delete Option" basic model Ranger, but it is a great car and I wouldn't swap it for the world. It starts up like a new car and runs on Unleaded. I plan to restore it bit by bit as I can afford it."

Ron in Ft. Worth, TX writes... Hi , very interesting web site, I own a 1958 Pacer 2 dr htp. She is 95% restored and was a one owner car."

Dave Hollen writes...Here's a pic of my 58' Pacer four door. The car has 34,000 original miles on it and was purchased from the second owner who bought the car in 1963. I thought you would enjoy hearing how I came to be interested in the Edsel line...... When I was about 9 years old.... I had a cousin who drove the first Edsel transcontinental ..... Los Angeles to New York.... The trip was written up in the Ford Times magazine and possibly a factory Edsel publication.. (if there ever was one). At any rate .... he stopped at our home on his way to New York and I got a first hand look at a 1958 Citation four door hardtop. I remember that car like it was just yesterday. It was my understanding that at the completion of the trip... he was so impressed with the car that he purchased it from the sponsoring dealer. ... I believe he was an engineer for Boeing or Lockheed and I remember he lived near Alhambra. He and his wife had no children... so hopes of tracing the car down were pretty slim. I have never been able to track down a copy of the article in Ford Times either.

From David Fleischer...Well I finally did it! I got some Edsel pixs for you. The first one is a Pacer with a non standard butterscotch tan color that my wife, Gina, and I saw in Cincinnati Ohio on Nov 21st, while we were on our honeymoon. The car was for sale for $2,500. The owner claims he has $6,800 invested in a total mechanical restoration. It still needs a complete new interior and body restoration, but he has run out of money to fix this car up. It was originally driftwood with a charcoal brown roof and scallop. The photo on the bottom is another Pacer in Ogden, Utah. I have been giving some very serious consideration for this car, but I don't know if I will pursue it because I cant even find the time to take good care of the four I already have! I'm behind the wheel with my boys. My older step son, Reed age 7 is in the back, and my younger step son, Grant, age 4 is in the front seat with me. Enjoy!!!!!

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