58 Station Wagons

This is the age of the station wagon. It is the car for informal going - for the family tour, the picnic, the shopping expedition, the camping trip. It matches a hundred needs of as many different people - so it takes on many new faces, in five different models, as Edsel presents it. And a single glance conveys the elegance of individual beauty, the promise of personalized utility to be found in every one.

Most important, each one offers true station wagon convertibility - from luxurious passenger car to high-styled cargo carrier - in seconds. They feature space - in headroom, footroom, elbowroom, and loadroom. And they all offer safety - especially the kind valued by families with small children. Third seat passenger entrance and exit is remarkably easy and extra safe. You use only the rear curbside door. You'll find a new measure of riding comfort, stability and road poise, too - for Edsel wagons are designed to hold the road.

There's no need to compromise riding stability with normal load-carrying demands as in conventional wagons. Ball joint front suspension that handles both steering and up-and-down wheel movement makes handling easier. Everything in the design of these new Edsel wagons works to make owning and driving them fun over thousands and thousands of miles. Drive the Edsel Station Wagon of your choice and you'll agree: "For show and for go, there's never been a station wagon like the Edsel."

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Two Door, 6 passenger wagon $2,630

Four Door, 6 passenger wagon $2,683
Four Door, 9 passenger wagon $2,736

Four Door, 6 passenger wagon $2,922
Four Door, 9 passenger wagon $2,975

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