58 Ranger Series

What does an Edsel cost? The answer will surprise you, for Edsel is priced to meet many budgets.

Prices range widely - from just above the lowest to just below the highest. This Edsel Ranger Series, for example, offers the easiest step upward to Edsel ownership. You pay no premium for its beauty, for though it acts the way it looks, it doesn't cost that much.

In the Edsel Ranger models, you command the Edsel E-400 engine, with a torque rating of 400 pound-feet - your engineering assurance of reserve versatility on the road. Horsepower is 303. Displacement :361 cubic inches. Compression ratio: 10.5 to 1.

In the Ranger Series, you can shift without lifting a hand from the wheel - Edsel Teletouch Drive is available. Touch one of the buttons in the center of the steering wheel and the Edsel shifts itself - smoothly, surely, electrically. You simply touch - and go.

In it, as in all of Edsel's four series, you have the look of Edsel elegance - from the strong vertical accent of its grille to the graceful sweep of its flight deck. You enjoy a car whose long, low lines conceal the space-making ingenuity of a flared out frame. There's headroom to spare in an Edsel.

So choose any Ranger model and you'll own a car that truly speaks well of you - in every way.

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Four Door Hardtop $2,446
Four Door Sedan $2,366
Two Door Hardtop $2,367
Two Door Sedan $2,300

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