58 Corsair Series

The lines and looks that make up Edsel's elegance point to alert performance, too.

In the superb Corsair series, you'll find a new thrill in Edsel's way with traffic, hills, or open country running. Edsel has a special ability for getting ahead in a hurry. That a car so impressive, so spacious as the Corsair offers so much smoothness with such precise response will amaze you. You'll find it perfectly polite - until it's prodded. And then you'll know that you've never handled so much usable horsepower before. You ride in quiet, too, for from its inception no car has been so carefully designed for restfulness as the Edsel. Hidden beneath its long hood, under its low roof, and around the passenger area of its handsome steel body is insulation in many forms. It's designed to soak up road noise, hush engine sounds, absorb the roar of passing traffic, make conversation enjoyable. Along with Edsel's wide doors, load-hungry trunk and easy, over-the-hood visibility, this extra provision for comfort adds to the Corsair's convenience of handling and use. It marks the Edsel as being as great for the sum-total of little things as for the measure of its many major advances. There has never been a car like it!

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Two Door Hardtop $3,066
Four Door Hardtop $3,139

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